Tenerife – Exploring The Beauty of Mount. Teide


Sitting in the middle of the island, Tenerife’s El Teide is one of the most symbolic highlights of the seven islands, and standing at 3718 meters high – it’s an experience you really cannot miss.

It’s the highest mountain in Spain, the highest volcano in Europe AND the world’s third largest ocean island volcano. If this isn’t enough boasting material, it also offers incredible lava formations, perfect volcanic landscapes and breath-taking geological history, all wrapped up in a day trip.

Mount. Teide - Preview 01


1 - Getting To Mount. Teide (Car, Taxi & Bus)
2 - The Cable Car Trip
3 - Heading Up To Teide



Getting To Mount. Teide

The best way to get to Mount. Teide National Park is by car. This allows you to drive your own pace, capturing the magnificent views and beautiful scenery along the way. But be warned, the roads towards Teide are rather steep, and may not be suitable to those who are new and/or nervous drivers. But don’t let this stop you, there’s plenty of other ways to get there!

Mount. Teide - Preview 01

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any of our own transport and had to rely on a taxi. We were travelling from Puerto Del La Cruz, and although the taxi driver was certainly helpful and allowed us to stop at several destinations to take photos – it was much more expensive as opposed to some other options we could have taken. A one-way trip there in a taxi cost us around 60 euros.


Getting There By Bus

It wasn’t until the way back that we spoke to a friendly couple and discovered that a bus service would take us all the way back to Puerto De La Cruz for a fraction of the cost, at just 12 euros. If you’re familiar with Tenerife, you would have certainly heard of Titsa, the key to getting around. You just can’t miss those huge green and white buses!

If you’re travelling towards the north of the island, particularly Puerto Del La Cruz, look out for Titsa number 348. This service will depart at 09:15 and will return at 16:00. If you’re travelling to the south, towards Las Américas, you’ll want to look out for Titsa number 342. Again, this service will depart at 09:15, and returns at 15:30. This also means you’ll get there reasonably early – a definite bonus when it comes to queuing.

So if you’re relying on public transport, hop on one of these buses for a cheaper option. You can find out more information on these services by clicking here.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more – a taxi is an awesome experience as you’ll be able to stop at the best points and witness the beautiful landscapes as you drive higher and higher on the island. Again, the fee will vary, but from the centre of Puerto Del La Cruz – it will cost around 50 euros.



The Cable Car Trip

Once you arrive at the national park, you have two options. Take the easy way up, or the hard way up. More specifically, you have to decide whether to take the cable car up or hike it. Due to our tight time schedule, we decided to transport via the cable car. They are two very different experiences, and it all depends on your abilities and circumstances, as well as the weather.

But before you decide, take some time to admire the incredible views that can be seen from the station. Capture some photos, talk to new people – it can really enhance your overall experience of Mt. Teide and make it much more memorable.

If you decide to use the cable car, then I cannot stress enough to book in advance. Upon arrival, you’ll see two separate queues, one of which will most likely stretch further than you can see down the road, and the other will be significantly shorter. The shorter queue is of course for those who had booked in advance, and although we were still queuing for around two hours, it saved us at least two more hours of queuing.

If you’re looking to book in advance, you can use Viator, a travel company that’s a part of the TripAdvisor family. You’ll receive a printable ticket (although you can also use digital tickets) which must be shown at the station. We had booked with Viator.com and didn’t experience any problems whatsoever. Simply show up, hand over the ticket and you’re good to go!



Heading Up The Mountain

Before long, we were minutes away from entering the cable car. You’ll be ascending with around 10-15 others, which can be a bit cramped for those who are claustrophobic, but it’s certainly worth it when you get to the top. The trip will last for around 7 minutes, and you’ll reach an altitude of over 10,000 ft.

As you step out of the cable car, the experience is breath-taking as you inhale cold, pure and refreshing air and capture the gorgeous lava formations, volcanic landscapes and geological history. Fluffy and foamy clouds float around like the sky’s ocean, and your breath gets taken at every angle you look at.

Be sure to bring a camera, as these moments are something to cherish forever.

Of course, at such a high altitude, it will be considerably ‘chilly’ due to the high winds – so be sure to bring suitable clothing. This is something we had to learn the hard way… We were dressed in casual summer clothing… Jeans, t-shirts, dresses – and nearly everyone else was wrapped up in winter gear. Typical ‘Brits’.

You get to spend up to an hour on Teide. This gives you plenty of time to admire the incredible atmosphere, capture some gorgeous photos and walk across the several routes towards the peak of the mountain to further enhance your Teide experience. You also have the chance to arrive there at sunset, crack open a bottle of bubbly and witness the blood orange sun erupt through oceans of cloud.

Mount. Teide - Preview 03

If you’ve visited Teide, and have some tips to share – please leave a comment below. They’re all very much appreciated 🙂 I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have, so ask away!



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