13 Excellent Websites For Free High-Quality Textures


Textures and patterns are an interesting approach to design and creation. In web design, they express originality and innovation as opposed to the conventional solid colours found on most websites.

However, designing textures from scratch can be a lot of work. To speed up this process, I’ve curated a killer list of over thirteen websites that offer high-resolution textures for free.

These websites welcome you to use these patterns for your next design project – both personal and commercial.




1 – The Pattern Library

The Pattern Library is a project by Tim Holman & Claudio Guglieri and compiles a hand-picked collection of over fifty quirky, innovative patterns. Created by talented designers, each and every pattern is free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

Free High-Quality Textures - The Pattern Library - HotdogsVisit The Pattern Library




2 – Subtle Patterns

Designed and created by Atle Mo, Subtle Patterns is a curation of clean and minimal textures for your next web project.

Free High-Quality Textures - Subtle Patterns - SwirlVisit Subtle Patterns




3 – Pixeden

Pixeden came to life with the idea of creating a one-stop place for all the tools that a modern designer might need in its day-to-day routine.”

I’ve spoken about Pixeden before in a previous post, and they certainly deserve a place on this list too. Pixeden features an awesome collection of free patterns and backgrounds, as well as premium selections.

Free High-Quality Textures - Pixeden - Light Tile PatternVisit Pixeden




4 – Patternico

This tool is a little different from the others. Patternico is a seamless and super-useful tool for pattern creation. You can upload custom images, customise colouration and apply icons with the responsive drag-and-drop interface to create your own textures.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can instantly download it as a PNG image.

Free High-Quality Textures - Patternico - DefaultVisit Patternico




5 – Free Patterns

As the name suggests, this website offers free patterns (I’m a genius.) Developed by SagiveSEO, Free Patterns houses over a thousand unique textures freely available for personal and commercial projects.

Free High-Quality Textures - Free Patterns - Yellow TrianglesVisit Free Patterns




6 – Pattern Cooler

Pattern Cooler is another pattern creation tool that allows you to choose from a library of predesigned textures and edit them seamlessly.

Free High-Quality Textures - Pattern CoolerVisit Pattern Cooler




7 – Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers offer an INSANE number of free textures. More specifically, there are over five million free textures to browse and download. I think it’s safe to say you’ll never run out of textures again.

Free High-Quality Textures - Colour LoversVisit Colour Lovers




8 – CSS3 Patterns

If you’re looking for a different approach to applying textures, this may be your thing. This website features a selection of patterns that use CSS3 as opposed to basic images, thus reducing the ‘weight’ of web pages.

Free High-Quality Textures - CSS3 PatternsVisit CSS3 Patterns




9 – Patternizer

“Everyone loves a good pattern. And that’s what Patternizer does best.”

Similar to CSS3 Patterns, Patternizer is an online creation tool that allows you to create and generate CSS3 patterns. By working alongside a small script, you can apply these textures to any web project and reduce page loading time.

Free High-Quality Textures - PatternizerVisit Patternizer




10 – WeGraphics

“WeGraphics is the definitive solution for designers who need high-quality resources but don’t want to be obliged to spend hundreds of dollars for them.”

Free High-Quality Textures - WeGraphicsVisit WeGraphics




11 – Pattern8

Created by freelance designer John Rawsterne, Pattern8 makes it easier to find high-quality seamless patterns. These patterns can be used freely for both personal and commercial use, but always remember to check the license.

Free High-Quality Textures - Pattern8Visit Pattern8




12 – Noqta / Dromoscopio

Dromoscopio is a simple, one-page website with a small selection of free web textures. To download, simply right-click the highlighted area of each texture and select ‘Save As…’

Free High-Quality Textures - Dromoscopio




13 – DeviantArt

If you search around on DeviantArt, you can find some really innovative and original content. Common keywords to search include ‘patterns’, ‘textures’, ‘pattern pack’ etc. but file formats may vary from .PSD to .PAT.

Free High-Quality Textures - DeviantArtVisit DeviantArt  //  Visit Download Page




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