12 Extremely Useful Tools For Colour Palette Inspiration


Colour is an integral part of great design. As a web designer, you want to make sure you select the right colours to suit your design or branding.

But if you’re low on inspiration, not to worry. I’ve composed a list of twelve online tools that are perfect for colour palette inspiration.

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1 – Coolors

Coolors is a light, responsive and super-fast online tool for generating colour schemes. You can create, save and share colour palettes in seconds by using the online Coolors interface.

What’s more, you can instantly generate random colour schemes by pressing the space bar, as well as explore the community’s colour schemes by clicking Explore.

Colour Inspiration - CoolorsView Coolors





2 – Adobe Color CC

Composed of literally thousands of colour schemes, Adobe Color is a real gem to designers. The site is also equipped with a colour generation tool, allowing users to create and save schemes based on colour rules.

Colour Inspiration - Adobe Color CCView Adobe Color CC





3 – Color Hunt

Color Hunt offers a place to share and discover colour palettes. The beautiful collection of colour schemes were all created by the community at Color Hunt, which also features an online creation tool.

Colour Inspiration - Color HuntVisit Color Hunt





4 – Material UI Colors

An extremely light, simplistic tool with a selective palette of material design colours. Just select a colour and the colour code is instantly copied to your clipboard.

Colour Inspiration - Material UI ColorsVisit Material UI Colors





5 – Flat UI Colors

Similar to the tool mentioned above, Flat UI Colors also provides a selective palette of colours. Created by Panda Network, users can change the colour format (Hex, RGB, etc.) and copy colour codes in a click.

Colour Inspiration - Flat UI ColorsVisit Flat UI Colors




6 – 0 To 255

This tool provides easy access to different variations of colour. If you select a colour, the tool returns a spectrum of lighter and darker shades, followed by the corresponding colour codes.

Colour Inspiration - 0 To 255Visit 0 To 255




7 – ColourCode

ColourCode is an awesome website that allows you to combine colours based on cursor movement and position. Move your cursor around the interface to find a colour, left-click to select it, and left-click ‘+‘ to add another colour.

Colour Inspiration - Colour CodeVisit ColourCode





8 – Color Koya

Created by web designer Atticus Koya, Color Koya is a simple colour selection tool with a beautiful selection of flat design colours. Simply select a colour format, left-click a colour and the code is instantly copied to your clipboard.

Colour Inspiration - Color KoyaVisit Color Koya





9 – Hello Color

An extremely simple colour contrast creation tool. Generate contrasting colours at the click of a button.

Colour Inspiration - Hello ColorVisit Hello Color





10 – Colrd

Colrd is an awesome platform for discovering new and innovative colour schemes and palettes. There’s a range of features on the site, including a search tool and a gradient category.

Colour Inspiration - ColrdVisit Colrd





11 – Material Design Palette

Another awesome collection of material design colours.

Colour Inspiration - Material Design PaletteVisit Material Design Palette





12 – Palettr

Palettr is the Google of colour scheme inspiration. This awesome tool allows users to search phrases and keywords to return colour schemes based on related images. For example, search “winter” to fetch colour palettes similar to the preview below.

Colour Inspiration - PalettrVisit Palettr





13 – Color Palette Generator

This tool allows users to generate a colour palette based on images and photographs. Simply upload an image and a colour scheme is generated in seconds.

Colour Inspiration - Color Palette GeneratorVisit Color Palette Generator




So there are twelve online tools for colour inspiration. If you have another you’d like to add to the list, leave a comment below!



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